Monday, 3 June 2013

New shoes

I have been very naughty recently- four new pairs of heels in two weeks can't really be justified especially when I don't have many occasions to wear them! But in my defense these weren't expensive. 

Far left pairs - Primark £12 
Blue ones - Office £58
Far right - ebay £13.41 

These Primark ones are absolutely stunning! I've seen so many shoes in this style about at the moment in River Island, ASOS, Topshop. Office etc, but these ones were only £12! An absolute steal. So naturally I got two colours. The red pair look really pale in the photos but they are a bright bright lipstick red/coral. These are actually really comfortable and easy to walk in because of the straps.

The blue ones were my last staff discount purchase from Office *sob* I got 45% off these so they were pretty cheap. They are made from the most gorgeous electric blue suede and lined with leather so super comfy and sort of mold to your feet. I think they are such a statement shoe and I never thought I would, but I love the pointy toe. 

The last pair are a bit of a wild card but I fell in love with the 'bis un bout' Louboutins worn by Kim K, Rihanna etc and these were a very cheap knock off from China. These are a lot lower than the 5 inch Louboutins and I don't like the patent toe caps as much as the suede of the Louboutins, but for just over a tenner I can't really complain. If you buy these maybe go a size up because I'm a 3-4 and I got a 4 and they are tiny!!

I think it's crazy how much my style has changed over the last few years. I used to be only interested in heels that were about 6 inches high with a huge platform. The times I have fallen flat on my face/ended up going barefoot and getting stuck to night club floors/getting glass embedded in my feet, it just isn't worth it! 

Anyway I hope you like the shoes I got! Have you seen those in Primark? Definitely grab them if you do! Hopefully I will do a post soon of how I style some of these babies.

Thanks for reading :) I really appreciate every page view and follower.  I keep changing bits of my blog everyday from font to pictures to colours, so please bare with me haha. Its definitely a work in progress!

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P.S. one of my best friends has just started her own blog! Check her out here Some shared posts coming soon :)

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