Saturday, 20 July 2013

Best of eBay no.2: TOPSHOP Astrix boot copies !!!

Long time no blog! I have been so busy with starting my new job and finishing my old one. I really am so sad that I've finished working as a Teaching Assistant. It was my dream job and I met some lovely people, and some amazing children. I'm struggling with my new job, but just hoping it gets better and I can get some more hours. 

Anyway in order to distract myself from my woes, I turn to shopping (as usual). I have been lusting over the Topshop Astrix boots for ages now. I just think they are so edgy but also really casual and understated. The perfect mix of a statement shoe and the "I haven't even tried" look because they are basically a heeled plimsoll. But rather than paying £40 I have been scouring ebay for a cheaper alternative for literal months. And bingo I've finally found a copy, I would be bold enough to say an identical copy, for just over HALF THE PRICE. eBay and your bargain knock offs, I salute you. 
Can you spot a difference? Because I can't!!
There are loads of sellers selling these for around £25 and a few quid extra for delivery. But they are such a good copy!! I wanted a pair in white but every pair has sold out in a 4, so I bought black anyway- they'll be great for winter. For that cheap I would get both colours. There's also a pair with black canvas and white soles which could be cool! Get these here here here here
I'll let you know what I think when they arrive! 

Hope you're well and a huge thankyou for reading! I couldn't believe I had 6101 views when I came on to write this. It just gives me a huge push to blog more and make myself better at it. Thankyou again and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin!! You'll make my day!
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Monday, 8 July 2013

OUTFIT no.2 : Heatwave

How amazing has this weather been? Its been so hot where I am I've spent the whole weekend tanning and I'm proud to say i have tan lines! Woo! 
I am loving white at the moment so so so much! These shoes are new, as is the bag. I wasn't sure I would keep the bag but actually it goes with quite a lot and is sooo bright. I wore it to a 21st on Saturday night and everyone was like woaaahhhhh so bright. So I'll probably keep it for that reason! You can't go wrong with neon, white and a tan this summer!

necklace - ebay
mesh crop top - New Look (sale/diy)
skirt - Boohoo
neon bag - TK Maxx
heels - ebay
lips - MUA Power Pout in Justify under Barry M Lip Paint 154
nails - OPI Nail Envy matte
earrings - Spangle
tan - NATURAL (for once) 

This is the kind of outfit I would love to wear on a night out! White is quite brave, also its impossible to keep it clean, but I think its so worth the risk as it looks so clean and bright. And I'm converted to white high heels, after thinking they were for strippers for as long as I can remember. These are an identical copy of a pair called Oxygen from Office which were around £65 but now sold out. Bargain! They also come in black which would go with loads of stuff. 

In other news I had my taster day at college today for foundation diploma in Art and Design, and had a really really good time. Met some lovely people and did a fun painting task. Feeling so positive now got lots to look forward to! I also managed to get tickets to see Arctic Monkeys (my all time favourite band EVER) in October at Earls Court and I still haven't come down from that high! Life is spectacular!

Thanks for reading, lots of love! 

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Best of eBay no.1: Victoria's Secret strappy bikinis

This post is inspired by my lovely friend Yasmin who just got back from a holiday in Marbella. As well as making me insanely jealous her holiday photos show some gorgeous girls in some amazing bikinis so I thought I would see what eBay had to offer. I found loads of cheap Victoria's Secret knock offs from China. I just love what that country does for fashion, and my pocket. 

strappy bikinis here here here
cross over bikini here
cage bikini here 

Sorry about the awful quality of the eBay photos! 
All eBay bikinis are less than £10 including delivery. Very very tempted by the last caged one. I know missguided were bringing one out like this but I doubt it would be as cheap as a tenner. I'm just slightly concerned about the dodgy tan lines you would get from these. I just think they look incredible on though. If only I was going abroad this year *sigh*.

Thanks for reading!

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OUTFIT no.1: white skort, BOY London crop and New Balance

Now I know this is meant to be a charity shop and craft type of blog, but I havent been doing a lot of DIYing lately- been very lazy. So I thought I would share a little style/outfit post with you.  The skort and trainers were new additions today so I was really keen to get them on and make some outfits!


New Balance - Office (not online yet)
Skort - ebay here here
BOY crop - ebay
necklace - diy post here
Nail varnish - Maybelline Colorshow in Urban Coral
Lips - Barry M 154 (I think) 

So strange for me to be in proper trainers i.e. not vans/converse. Feel like I should be going for a jog... or not haha. Got these today from my old haunt Office. So unbelievably comfy and I love the colour pop. 
So so so in love with this skort- a cheaper version of the sell out Zara one which are going on ebay now for like £50 (WUT!). This cost under £7 and arrived so quickly considering it was from China. Just ordered it in black too! The quality isn't great as you'd expect but it does the job and I LOVE IT. Great for day time or night time. 
The BOY top I got a while ago from eBay before everyone and their mum had one. I had to cut it to a crop because I got hair dye on it- the fate of many of my clothes D: Very much over the whole BOY trend but I whip it out every now again. I'm loving the white on white trend at the moment! So hot for summer. 

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Glastonbury style 2013

Now I am by no means a festival kind of girl, in fact I'm a festival virgin. The thought of sleeping in tents, not washing, having greasy hair etc. is my worst nightmare to be honest. But I love the idea of live music, drinking, fun and of course festival fashion. I'm all over some denim shorts, hunters and a floral headband as much as the next person. That being said festival fashion can get VERY boring and very samey. I'm all for a different festival look. 

But anyway here are some looks that I've been loving this Glasto:

(photo credit
Millie Mackintosh - Cara Delevingne
Kate Moss and Stella McCartney - Bip Ling
Rita Ora - Cressida Bonas
Rita Ora - Iggy Azalea 

Some pretty obvious choices there! I'm not even particularly keen on Millie Mac's outfit but she just makes anything look incredible with that body, tan and attitude. Special mention to Iggy Azalea, love her performance outfit, especially her hair and makeup. She looks flawless. Not entirely sold on Cressida's (Prince Harry's gf) outfit. Dungarees and Nike Air Force 1s seems good on paper I just don't think the look really suits her.
I just want to be Bip Ling's best friend not going to lie.

What do you think of festival fashion?

Oh and also google reader is shutting down as of today so make sure you follow me on bloglovin to stay up to date with my pretty sporadic posts! Got lots of new clothes (naughty) so hopefully will do some outfit/styling posts soon if anyone is interested! The spending ban starts tomorrow!

Thankyou so much for reading!!
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