Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Best of eBay no.1: Victoria's Secret strappy bikinis

This post is inspired by my lovely friend Yasmin who just got back from a holiday in Marbella. As well as making me insanely jealous her holiday photos show some gorgeous girls in some amazing bikinis so I thought I would see what eBay had to offer. I found loads of cheap Victoria's Secret knock offs from China. I just love what that country does for fashion, and my pocket. 

strappy bikinis here here here
cross over bikini here
cage bikini here 

Sorry about the awful quality of the eBay photos! 
All eBay bikinis are less than £10 including delivery. Very very tempted by the last caged one. I know missguided were bringing one out like this but I doubt it would be as cheap as a tenner. I'm just slightly concerned about the dodgy tan lines you would get from these. I just think they look incredible on though. If only I was going abroad this year *sigh*.

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