Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Currently loving - chunky mid-heel sandals

I just bought the most beautiful heeled sandals! They are a pretty much exact copy of some by River Island that I nearly bought for almost triple the price!! Pretty delighted right now!

Black heels £21.99 ebay, tan heels now £35 River Island

I literally can't wait for them to arrive! Although they have quite a high heel I think they would be suitable for stomping around in the day, as long as you weren't constantly on your feet. I'm a pretty small 5"4 so I'm always on the look out for comfortable low heels I can wear in the day to give me a few more inches!
But I also think these would be great for going out for drinks in the evening too. I do love a good all rounder shoe! 

My obsession with mid-heel chunky sandals started when I bought a pair of Forum Gladiators from Office. These have barely left my feet and just go with so much! I like to wear them with denim shorts, jeans, leggings, everything. They just add a bit of height and a edge to the outfit without the 'omg you've got heels on you've made a huge effort' look. (See me wearing them here with a vintage dress)

 I start my internship next month at Mint Vintage in Dalston, London, so Im on the look out for some more comfy heels with an acceptable heel for daytime. Hopefully I'm going to be helping styling models so I need every extra inch I can get! I hate being short :(

Here's some more chunky mid heels I'm loving at the moment!

left 'Kad' Carvela at Kurt Geiger and right 'Krimp' Carvela at Kurt Geiger

I love the ankle straps on all of these. Apparently because of my height I should steer clear of ankle straps as they can make your legs look short, but they just add such a cool look to the shoe. They help to keep it on your foot too; I have a tendency to just walk out of shoes. 

Do you like the mid heel trend? 

Thanks for reading :)

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