Monday, 10 June 2013

DIY men's gold chain bracelet to necklace

Hello :)

I got this bracelet originally to use on my box clutch DIY but it wasn't long enough for a wrist strap. I always just assume men's bracelets will be enormous but this one wasn't sadly. (I got it off eBay for £2.99 including delivery).

I'm a big fan of the gold statement jewellery around at the moment. Everyday I wear my gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch and gold midi rings and stacking rings- i feel lost without them. I thought I would use this bracelet to make a similar more daintier version of the chunky chain necklaces about at the moment.

Here's my step by step DIY. It's super easy to do using any old men's gold chain bracelet.

Sorry about the images being all different shades; I took a couple at another time of the day. 

I'm really happy with mine it makes a statement but it isn't too in your face like some of the necklaces at the moment. I think you could wear it day or night. 

Let me know if you have a go at making this, I'd love to see your necklaces!

Thanks for reading and hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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