Saturday, 20 July 2013

Best of eBay no.2: TOPSHOP Astrix boot copies !!!

Long time no blog! I have been so busy with starting my new job and finishing my old one. I really am so sad that I've finished working as a Teaching Assistant. It was my dream job and I met some lovely people, and some amazing children. I'm struggling with my new job, but just hoping it gets better and I can get some more hours. 

Anyway in order to distract myself from my woes, I turn to shopping (as usual). I have been lusting over the Topshop Astrix boots for ages now. I just think they are so edgy but also really casual and understated. The perfect mix of a statement shoe and the "I haven't even tried" look because they are basically a heeled plimsoll. But rather than paying £40 I have been scouring ebay for a cheaper alternative for literal months. And bingo I've finally found a copy, I would be bold enough to say an identical copy, for just over HALF THE PRICE. eBay and your bargain knock offs, I salute you. 
Can you spot a difference? Because I can't!!
There are loads of sellers selling these for around £25 and a few quid extra for delivery. But they are such a good copy!! I wanted a pair in white but every pair has sold out in a 4, so I bought black anyway- they'll be great for winter. For that cheap I would get both colours. There's also a pair with black canvas and white soles which could be cool! Get these here here here here
I'll let you know what I think when they arrive! 

Hope you're well and a huge thankyou for reading! I couldn't believe I had 6101 views when I came on to write this. It just gives me a huge push to blog more and make myself better at it. Thankyou again and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin!! You'll make my day!
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