Monday, 23 September 2013

OUTFIT no.4: Super comfy OOTN

Hiya :)

Thought I would share what I wore to a very distant relative's birthday the other night. I went purely for the buffet, bar and so I wasn't stuck home alone haha. 

A very simple comfortable outfit where I tried to do the A/W transition with bar legs and summery heels dressed down with a cuddly jumper. 
jumper - Primark £8
skirt - H&M £14.99
bag- "mulberry"
shoes - Primark £12
watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs £185
nails - gelish 

Felt really comfortable in this outfit and I liked the contrast with bare legs and summery heels with the big jumper, which is actually a bottle green colour but hasn't come up like that in photos :(
I got a new camera and was so excited to use it but my photos look worse than when i just used my iphone D: will have to have a play around see where I'm going wrong!

Thanks for reading and for your continued support! I'm trying to be a better blogger but I'm crazy busy at the moment with college and I'm working 2 jobs again. Got a new job as a seamstress for a nursery wear company! So nice I can just work from home in pyjamas sewing together blankets! I can tell the months leading up to Christmas are going to be crazy!!!

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Burberry does rubber

My love for things rubber and shiny started when I spied this Topshop skirt when I was on Oxford Street the other day. I love it so much and I've seen loads of bloggers wearing it. But I couldn't quite justify the price tag which was just under £40. I'm on the hunt for a more purse friendly alternative and scouring ebay, asos sale etc. 
Now I've always been a fan of leather and pvc that's no secret. But I love this whole rubber trend kicked off by Burberry. The classic Burberry trench updated by rubber accents looks incredible and so luxurious. I especially love the oxblood/burgundy colour. This has filtered down to stars like Caroline Flack and Rita Ora who have been seen wearing the see through Burberry rubber skirt with heart print knickers also by Burberry. And of course I always look to Lady Gaga for outfit inspiration when fetish wear is involved. You would achieve a pretty similar look to hers with the Topshop skirt and a leather bralet, (hair in a bow, optional). 

I think a shiny patent, pvc or rubber pencil skirt is actually quite versatile. I would wear on a night out with a bralet or a light camisole and some chunky heels. But you could also wear this during the day with a big fluffy jumper tucked in and some small heeled chunky boots. Definitely need to invest in a shiny skirt! Watch this space!

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Alexander Wang for Balenciaga Autumn Ready to Wear

(photos from

Alexander Wang became the creative director of Balenciaga earlier this year. I especially love these pieces from his Autumn ready to wear collection. I love all the textures especially the camo style puffy jackets which give a nod towards the military trend. I was really intrigued by the cracked concrete style tops which are a knit which has been painted. This reminded me of Maison Martin Margiela's previous work. 

I think clashing textures is going to be huge this Autumn/Winter - I'm going to be mixing leather, fur, fluffy knits, lace etc. I'm going to do a few posts on winter's trends because I've been struggling to know what to buy in this transitional period. Hopefully that will get me inspired. Can't wait for cold weather now! Summer is well and truly over.
Hope everyone's well, thanks for reading! 
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Monday, 19 August 2013

BANKSY Cross Stitch

I thought I would share another part of my college summer project I have done. For this I had to copy my favourite piece of art work in an entirely different material. This wasn't hard for me because I absolutely adore banksy! I debated doing some knitting or sewing of a banksy piece and in the end I did a cross stitch of my favourite banksy piece the terrorist throwing flowers. 
This did take me forever but I really enjoyed it and I think it looks really effective. I'm going to frame it and put it up as well because I just love the design and I think the cross stitch makes a really stark contrast between the original graffiti style image. I got the cross stitch chart from the lovely Alex at Hydrangea Girl who emailed it to me. I'm sure if you wanted it she would email it to you too! 

Hope you like it! If you want to see more of my college work check out this post here or my college tumblr account here
Thankyou for reading!!

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OUTFIT no.3 : Isaac's


Just wanted to share with you my outfit I wore out for drinks the other night with my old work friends at Isaac's on the Quay. Apart from the shoes the whole outfit cost around £8! Please excuse my face and dodgy photography - my mum is not the best behind the camera haha.

Cut out oversized top - Charity shop £1.75
Clutch bag - charity shop £2
Skort - ebay £3.99
Shoes - Office £58

I felt really comfortable in this outfit, the shorts are a really flattering fit; I wasn't worried about sucking my tummy in or VPL or anything like that which was a lovely change. It was so good to wear these heels again, the colour makes me so happy! 
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Art & Design Foundation summer project

I'm due to start my foundation diploma in Art and Design next month and I've been set a summer project with lots of tasks to do, luckily I've nearly finished! 
Here's some of the things I have done:

Task - Read a magazine on a subject you know nothing about and make a response.

I flicked through a copy of my Grandad's bird magazine and was inspired by the cage imagery. I looked into Victorian cages and used continuous line to draw some ideas. I then made some fabric samples using tracing paper, free machine embroidery and reverse appliqué. I was really happy with how the fabric samples came out, cages, birds and feathers always inspire me, I even have a feather tattoo!

Task - Go for a familiar walk and record it in some way

For this I took my dogs on a walk around the fields and just collected bits of plants and then weaved them together. It was a nightmare to do and I brought a million bugs into the house haha. I think it looks better in photos than it does in person.

Task - Illustrate the idea of petrichor 
Petrichor means the smell of rain hitting the dry ground. I absolutely loathe this sample, hence why I cut it into three to sort of make it look a bit more 'arty'. Still hate it. Oh well! I used my machine to layer fabrics and do decorative stitching and free embroidery. 

Anyway that's 3 out of the 8 I have to do! Let me know what you think! I have to post all my work for the summer project on a tumblr account so take a look if you fancy :)

Oh and also this is the first time I've put my own actual work on the internet so I would really appreciate it if you ask before using my photos- if you were mad enough to want to that is! 

Thanks so much for reading! 
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DIY inspiration: Rhinestone Friendship Bracelets

I love making woven friendship bracelets using embroidery thread. All these bracelets came from this amazing seller on etsy. They are made using vintage hardware and gems, but you could easily recreate something by sewing on old broken jewellery and chains. Summer may nearly be over, but something like this on your wrist would definitely prolong those summer vibes! 

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New in VINTAGE - charity shop and car boot

Hello! I thought I would show you guys what I got from a car boot sale this morning and the blouse I recently bought from a charity shop. I love vintage but I steer way clear of vintage shops because they are so expensive! So much good stuff to be found at your local car boot/charity shop for bargain prices.

 floral blouse - £2.50 charity shop
map of the world holdall £1.50 car boot

Levi's £5 car boot sale
faux fur coat £4 car boot sale 
know its still August but I'm in love with the faux fur jacket. Its absolutely enormous on me (size XL) but I can't wait to wear it this winter, so big and cuddly. 

The Levi's and the blouse need some serious alterations- hopefully will have some blog posts on them soon! 

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Sunday, 4 August 2013


A very picture heavy post of some summer time inspiration from Henrik Purienne the 'hedonist' photographer. His work is amazing I'm obsessed. (all pics from google search)

Hope everyone's well and enjoying their summer. I was feeling wreckless and quit my new job, because it was hideous, and crawled back to Office for like the 5th time. Excited about possibly jetting off to Australia before the end of the year ahhhh! Lots to look forward to :)

Got a very very simple DIY post coming up soon featuring some vintage levi 501s. Thanks for reading!

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