Monday, 3 June 2013

Half term in photos


I work at a Primary School which means I get amazing holidays as one of the many perks of my job (as well as tea and cakes on tap, and getting paid to play with kids). 
I had a lovely week; I managed to avoid Ipswich town centre for the whole week, spending 6 days a week there gets very, very tedious. I went shopping in Bury St Edmunds which is like my favourite place in the world. Just a beautiful place which is also great for shopping! 

I also went to the Suffolk Show, which I used to love, but I think I'm sort of over it now. It doesn't help when you're allergic to most of the animals and its freezing cold. Suffolk Show is only really good in the sunshine when you can drink cider with your friends and eat loads of food. 
Anyway here's a few pictures I took during the week:

How cute are those bunnies? And how amazing are those cakes!! 

Has anyone else downloaded the Beautiful Mess App? I love it, you can add the cutest effects and doodles to your photos and write text on them. I used it to write 'summer' on the photo above: my friends' amazing pool where I spent my day on Sunday. Bliss!

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