Sunday, 24 March 2013

Office Spring Summer Top Picks

 So I thought I would do my first proper post on the shoes I'm loving from Office Shoes at the moment. I have worked there on and off for 2 years and sadly Ipswich is a small branch so we never seem to get the really good stuff in. 

Spring Summer Lookbook

Here's my top picks of heels, mid-heels and sandals.


Left to right: Oscar £60, Octavian Gladiator £60, Oxygen £65, Oscar £60

I LOVE the Oscar heels. I am definitely going to order a pair I just can't choose between the tan and black. I love gladiator style heels and I always find an ankle strap makes heels so much easier to walk in; I have a tendancy to just walk out of shoes. I would rock these, and Octavian Gladiators, with boyfriend fit light blue jeans or vintage 501 levis. 
Oxygen is a style I wouldn't normally go for. Very grown up and lady like especially with the pointy toe. But I'm loving the trend for simple, lower heeled shoes with an ankle strap at the moment. Primark had some great ones in recently for £12. I know monochrome is huge at the moment and they also do these in white, but I just can't bring myself to wear white heels. It just is so not me. When I think of white heels I just think of a poledancer. Hoping someday I will find a pair of shoes that will change my mind on these, because I really want to love this trend. 


L to r: Fantasia £62, Faculty £55, Fundamental £45, Fainthearted £48
I tried Fantasia on in store and I loved them but they were really slippery at the back, but I think a smaller size would have been too small! I would wear these with rolled up jeans and also tights- they are really versatile. Its funny how much my taste has changed, a year ago I probably would have hated all of these. I think my favourite are Faculty. They are rose gold *swoon*. Not sure how I'd wear these but anything gold and shiny and slightly tacky and I'm there.


L to r: Icarus £50, Impatient £40,  Iron Lady £55, Juju Babe £25
Can you see a pattern developing? I think there is nothing better than a gladiator style sandal. They can just make such a huge difference to an outfit and add another dimension. The jelly shoes are a bit of a joke but I do love the copper colour. I think ever since I was little and my mum wouldn't let me have a heeled pair, I've been dying to get a pair. Not quite sure how I'd wear them though? Probably rolled up jeans or black vintage levi shorts? Might have to try them on at work.

I think Office Shoes is a great company. I just think they always do such different styles to other shops and although they may be pricier they are usually leather upper and inners. Which makes such a huge difference to the comfort and the longevity  of the shoe. Also they usually do two options e.g black and tan so you can always find something to match your outfit. 
Hope you like this post! I would love to know any hints or tips you have!
Love Marnie xx

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