Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Acrylic storage from Ryman's stationers

Ever since the I saw the Kardashian's acrylic set of drawers they used for makeup storage I have really fancied some acrylic storage. I looked on eBay but it was all really expensive  or from China and I hate waiting for things to come from China.
Also i know that Anna from viviannadoesmakeup.com is a fan of acrylic storage from Muji, but for me it seemed like something I wanted to see in person and feel before I bought it.
So on a little trip to Ryman's stationers to buy sharpies (rock and roll), my mouth pretty much hit the floor when I saw these bad boys! 

The top one is A4 paper sized and you could stack these up Kardashian style and store loads of makeup. I just can't justify spending nearly £30 on plastic just because Kim K has it. 

I thought these would be a great cheap alternative to Muji or more expensive brands but actually when I looked online these were a bit more expensive than Muji. Then again you would have to pay P&P for Muji.

I bought this three drawer one for just under £12, to store my bracelets, rings and earrings in. All these are available online  from Ryman.

(Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs watches, Links of London friendship bracelet, pearl bracelet and spike rings from. ASOS. Hello Kitty hairbrush from Boots. Everything else is handmade, from abroad, independent shops or I can't remember)

I'm really happy with it I think the acrylic looks really slick and 'clean'. Handy too because you can see store your stuff away but still see all your pretty bits and bobs too!
There's loads of transparent accessories and shoes about lately, I really want to make one of the clear plastic clutch bags I have seen, but I am a bit funny about everyone seeing what I have in my bag; don't really want to advertise my phone and money to any potential thief.

Thanks for reading!
Marnie  xx
P.S. sorry about the awful quality, just quick snaps on my iPhone.

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