Saturday, 23 March 2013

Having another go

My name is Marnie and I'm 20 years old living in Suffolk, England
. I started a blog 3 years ago but basically chickened out when my then boyfriend found having a fashion blog hilarious and 'cringey'. Im ashamed to say this put me off and I swiftly deleted all blog posts I had done.
This time Im having another go, and this is going to be my space to post about all the things I love. 

I am obsessed with fashion, shopping, beauty, hair, textiles, sewing etc. I love nothing more than trawling the charity shops, buying absolute tatt and then completely changing it. In my opinion you cant beat someone paying you a compliment for something that you found hanging limply on the clearance rail for mere pennies.

So I hope to post about things I have bought and then customised, things I have made from scratch (including baking mmm) and generally post about anything that inspires me. I am going back to college in September to finish an Art and Design foundation diploma that i started two whole years ago. Where has time gone? So hopefully this will provide a platform for my work and enable me to be inspired by other fashion/textiles/diy blogs. 

I would love to do outfit posts but I do not own a camera, apart from my phone, and don't think I would be brave enough for any posing just yet but we shall see!

Thanks for taking the time to read this !

Love Marnie xx

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