Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Art & Design Foundation summer project

I'm due to start my foundation diploma in Art and Design next month and I've been set a summer project with lots of tasks to do, luckily I've nearly finished! 
Here's some of the things I have done:

Task - Read a magazine on a subject you know nothing about and make a response.

I flicked through a copy of my Grandad's bird magazine and was inspired by the cage imagery. I looked into Victorian cages and used continuous line to draw some ideas. I then made some fabric samples using tracing paper, free machine embroidery and reverse appliqué. I was really happy with how the fabric samples came out, cages, birds and feathers always inspire me, I even have a feather tattoo!

Task - Go for a familiar walk and record it in some way

For this I took my dogs on a walk around the fields and just collected bits of plants and then weaved them together. It was a nightmare to do and I brought a million bugs into the house haha. I think it looks better in photos than it does in person.

Task - Illustrate the idea of petrichor 
Petrichor means the smell of rain hitting the dry ground. I absolutely loathe this sample, hence why I cut it into three to sort of make it look a bit more 'arty'. Still hate it. Oh well! I used my machine to layer fabrics and do decorative stitching and free embroidery. 

Anyway that's 3 out of the 8 I have to do! Let me know what you think! I have to post all my work for the summer project on a tumblr account so take a look if you fancy :)

Oh and also this is the first time I've put my own actual work on the internet so I would really appreciate it if you ask before using my photos- if you were mad enough to want to that is! 

Thanks so much for reading! 
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