Monday, 27 May 2013

DIY simple gold chain necklace inspired by Maja Ravn

Long time no post! I just logged on and realised that I have nearly 4000 page views and my blog's been viewed in Canada, India, Netherlands and lots of other countries. That absolutely blows my mind! 
So now I'm on half term holidays (the perks of working in a school), I thought I would do lots more posts. 

Firstly I was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Maja Ravn who bought these lovely gold necklaces. 
(Photos are all from her blog, find them here)

I loved the simplicity of these, and I wear a lot of gold jewellery which sometimes can look a bit OTT and take over the outfit. But these looked really elegant and simple, so I thought I'd give it a go and make my own!

Now Majas' are two separate necklaces of different weights, but I could see these beginning to tangle up, so I used  two identical gold chains that I already had. I removed the clasp and jump rings from one chain and cut it slightly shorter, so it would hang higher on the neck than the other chain. I then opened up the jump rings from the other chain and added the shorter chain; so i had the ends of two chains in one jump ring, which then was attached to the clasp, to make one necklace, (if that makes sense). 

Anyway I'm really happy with it and I've worn it lots! I especially like how the chain I used is a really sparkly chain so it really catches the light and makes it more eyecatching. 

Let me know what you think and if you think I should include step by step photos of how I make things. I do intend to I just always end up getting carried away and making things then forget I could have blogged about it!

Thanks for reading and hope you are enjoying the bank holiday sun :)

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