Friday, 31 May 2013

DIY 80s vintage dotty dress transformation

Two posts in one day! I don't know what's happened to me haha! This is just to show you the vintage dress I changed and basically made into a mini length. I bought this in a charity shop and it was enormous as you can see from the pictures! I fell in love with the navy dotty print and the wide lepels. This just made me think of Princess Diana, and straw boater hats.   
Here's what it looked like before I took my scissors to it: 
Truly hideous and I do question why I put photos this unflattering on the internet haha! 

So I began by turning it up to a shorter, more wearable length. I threw out the original belt, but surprised myself by actually keeping the shoulder pads in; normally they are the first things to go but I didn't think they were too extreme this time. I then just took it in at the sides and lost about 4 inches off each side. I didn't bother with darts because I wanted it to still be slightly loose. Lastly I cut the sleeves shorter and rolled up and sewed on my machine.
I'm quite pleased with it, its not my favourite dress ever, just something about it I'm not happy with..? Maybe I'll come back to it at some point and do more to it. I definitely like it more than before though that's for sure!

And here's the finished result:
(Scrunchie - handmade, belt - market, shoes - Forum Gladiator from Office)

Thanks for reading :)
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  1. so cool babes! following ya ;) xx

  2. aww thanks my lovely! Love your blog! Didn't know you had one you fashionista <3 xx