Monday, 23 September 2013

OUTFIT no.4: Super comfy OOTN

Hiya :)

Thought I would share what I wore to a very distant relative's birthday the other night. I went purely for the buffet, bar and so I wasn't stuck home alone haha. 

A very simple comfortable outfit where I tried to do the A/W transition with bar legs and summery heels dressed down with a cuddly jumper. 
jumper - Primark £8
skirt - H&M £14.99
bag- "mulberry"
shoes - Primark £12
watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs £185
nails - gelish 

Felt really comfortable in this outfit and I liked the contrast with bare legs and summery heels with the big jumper, which is actually a bottle green colour but hasn't come up like that in photos :(
I got a new camera and was so excited to use it but my photos look worse than when i just used my iphone D: will have to have a play around see where I'm going wrong!

Thanks for reading and for your continued support! I'm trying to be a better blogger but I'm crazy busy at the moment with college and I'm working 2 jobs again. Got a new job as a seamstress for a nursery wear company! So nice I can just work from home in pyjamas sewing together blankets! I can tell the months leading up to Christmas are going to be crazy!!!

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