Thursday, 18 April 2013

DIY Cut out shoulder vintage shirt

Hello !
Thought I would post my latest DIY project! 
On my usual lunch break charity shop rummage I found this shirt; I thought the print was kind of horrible and amazing at the same time, and for £1 i wasn't going to leave it behind.

I thought how can I get rid of some of this horrible print? Cut away some of the fabric to make cut out sleeves. I found The Fitting's post on cut out shoulder shirt and thought I would try and do something similar. See her original post here.

I started by cutting out a sort of oval shape with a square end from newspaper and pinned onto the front of my shirt, then tried it on and made adjustments. I wanted mine to be quite big cut outs because I thought little ones would look silly on something so oversized.

Once I was happy I cut away the cut outs. 
I then folded under the raw edge to about 30-40mm, pinned in place and stitched it by hand. Usually I prefer machining but the fabric was slippy so I thought I would play it safe.

I rolled up the sleeves and it was done! I'm really happy with it- I wore it to work with a high waisted skater skirt and got lots of compliments from the kids (I work as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school).
Definitely will be using this technique again.

In  case anyone's interested my jeans are Topshop Leila (very old), hat is Divided at H&M, boots are Uncanny from Office Shoes, necklace is New Look.

Hope you enjoyed!

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